When it comes to setting weight loss goals many people are only focused what scale weight they think they should be. 

You can lose body fat and gain muscle mass which does not get taken into consideration on your home scales.  In that scenario losing 5 pounds of body fat and increasing muscle by 5 pounds would equal a 0 pound loss on the scales, but your clothes would probably be feeling looser.

What we are really after in our weight loss goals is fat loss, but scale weight does not show this. Even the body fat measurements on bio-impedance scales can be pretty inaccurate depending on how they are used.

Generally when people lose weight they lose some fat, muscle, other body tissues and water. The preferable state to be in would be losing predominantly fat and retaining or even increasing your muscle mass.

If you lose excess fat it will improve your health and help to make you look and feel how you want too.

People that lose a lot of everything (muscle, fat and other body tissues) can end up smaller versions of themselves but without the muscular tone which would really give their physique a great shape.

So, it’s not just about what weight you want to be, but more about how much fat you want to lose. With that being said it’s a little difficult to measure true fat loss at home and it may be hard for you to visualise.

This is why making goals around clothing sizes might be a more useful target than just an arbitrary digit on the scales.  If you want to get from say, a size 16 to a size 10, then you have a measurable goal to aim for. If your waist band goes down, it is generally a good sign.

The clothing goal can then be broken down into 3 mini goals. The first could be to wear size 14 regular fit jeans comfortably. The second goal may be to slide into a slim pair of size 12 jeans, and the third being to fit a skinny pair of size 10 jeans. It could be easier for you to imagine achieving each mini goal as it is not that far away from the last size.

Picking a clothing goal is nice and measurable too, the clothes will either fit or not. Choosing the same shop to buy your clothes in might be sensible too, as the sizes do seem to alter from shop to shop.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, make 3 mini goals and you can always make another 3 after that.

Using mini goals can be applied to anything you want to achieve to make it feel more doable and less overwhelming.