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Cravings and 1 Simple Way to Overcome Them

Cravings are really frustrating! I totally understand, I’m a woman with hormones too.  Getting on to the right kind of diet to help eliminate cravings is the first step. The diet I’ve found most beneficial to do this is the Ketogenic Diet. I’ll shamelessly promote my book here and give you the link.  The ketogenic […]

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Know When you Need to Take a Break

In contrast to my other post discussing ‘sometimes you got to push yourself’ this ones about knowing when to take your foot off the accelerator. We can lead such busy, frantic lives and if not careful can race headlong into a state of fatigue or worse, burn-out. It’s really about knowing yourself well enough to […]

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Listen To The Coach Within You

Sometimes, you just got to push yourself and be relentless. Let me give you an example I’ve been up since 5am, got to work on the computer straight away. I didn’t feel like it but remembered what it is I want to achieve. When you just don’t feel like it, remind yourself what it is […]

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Resolving Those Winter Blues

The information provided here is about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how to use a light box more optimally to get the most benefit. To begin with there are a few questions to determine further if indeed what you are experiencing is related to the seasonal change. As the seasons change do you… • Feel […]

Diet Variation This blog post is an accompaniment to the book Master Weight Loss for more details click here. If you have been following the book you understand now what keto-adaption is (your body has adjusted to burning fat primarily as its fuel source). Once you are keto-adapted you may find yourself being able to […]


Testing Ketones

This blog post is an accompaniment to the book ‘Master your Weight Loss’ found here. I left this section out of the book as I wanted the book to be a simple guide to the ketogenic diet. From experience of taking clients through this dietary approach, most are not interested to measure their levels of […]