Sometimes, you just got to push yourself and be relentless. Let me give you an example I’ve been up since 5am, got to work on the computer straight away. I didn’t feel like it but remembered what it is I want to achieve. When you just don’t feel like it, remind yourself what it is you want, and then do it, no letting yourself off the hook.

I went to the gym and pushed through a tough workout. Listening to my inner coach and using encouraging language to myself. You see you have the voice of a coach and critic inside you. Let the coach be heard and ignore the voice of the critic. Sure, that’s easy to say and I know I get caught up in my critic’s voice at times too. But if you spend too long listening to the critic, time will pass by and you’ll stay stuck.

If your critic tells you “you’ll never lose weight”, “It’s not a good time to start a fitness plan” or “you can always start the diet next Monday” then you’ll stay stuck if you listen to this. Instead be determined, this is your life, live it on your terms. What do you want? You can achieve it, you can lose weight, get fitter, healthier, find a new job or whatever it is you want to do. Find your inner coach as you have one too,  listen to what is possible and go take action.

  • Is your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and feel healthy?
  • Have you wanted to lose weight now for some time?
  • Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in a weight loss loop, going around and around yet never getting to your desired weight?

The truth is, losing weight is tough. That’s a fact. But, you don’t have to be constantly frustrated with dieting. You can take control, using a step-by-step programme, with a little helping hand from an experienced weight loss strategist.

More than just weight loss

I’ve spent 7 years now working with people to become slimmer, healthier and happier. The reason I’m passionate about this area of health improvement is seeing how losing weight can transform someone’s life. You can gain higher levels of energy, confidence, youthfulness and even more importantly, freedom from being stuck.

I also know first-hand how frustrating it is to be constantly yo-yo dieting, training hard and getting nowhere but burnt out from the efforts. I thought I’d never be able to break the habit of comfort eating. I was constantly hungry, counting down the time when I would allow myself the next meal or snack. Monitoring my calories in versus calories out and never managing to keep on top of that equation. For a short time, it seemed to have an effect but would generally lead to a binge which ruined the small gains I had made. This felt like a self-imposed prison that I was trapped in.

I searched high and low for the answers thinking there must be something wrong with me. Was I just hopelessly weak-willed or was my metabolism broken? What I learnt was that neither was the case. However, I found that I did need to regulate the hormones which govern weight-loss, primarily insulin and cortisol. Trying to lose weight by just cutting calories and training harder, doesn’t work long-term.

If you are in a similar cycle don’t worry, it can be broken. And when you do break those habitual patterns by regulating your hormones, you achieve more than weight loss alone. You gain freedom from food.

There is no magic diet, supplement or fitness programme. You still have to show up and implement what I will teach you to do. It is however, simpler when you have a structured plan to follow and someone supportive to be accountable to.

For a weight loss plan to be successful it needs to encompass what you put into your body (food and drinks), what you do with your body (exercise, sleep, relaxation) and what you do with your mind.

New Year: New You

The New Year: New You (NY:NU) is a 5-week online programme which encompasses all these elements.

The first week is all about getting you ready for the following weeks, so you don’t have to change anything immediately. Every week thereafter will be themed with a handout and worksheet to help you optimise what you eat, your lifestyle and mindset.

You will have access to an app where your workouts can be found. In each workout is a video for you to watch of the exercise so you know what to do. If you haven’t got a gym membership, don’t worry, I can send you a programme to do at home.  I will also train you personally in my private gym if you opt for the added personal training package.

You’ll have access to me personally on WhatsApp to ask questions, keep accountability, send pictures of foodstuffs to check they’re ok and get any feedback on the worksheets you’ll be completing.

This is what makes this programme unique. Most online programmes are an automated system where you’ll never get a chance to talk to speak to the person who’s organised the course. Whereas I’ll be available to help and support you every step of the way.

What’s more, the skills you learn from this programme can be applied to any other goal you want to achieve in your life. So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch,  email me today to arrange your free no-obligation courtesy call.

This is a great way to kickstart your weight loss.

  • Online programme with virtual support – £140
  • Online programme with virtual support + 2 personal training sessions a week for 5 weeks – £440
  • If you need additional support you can also have a one-to-one coaching session  – £65


I can only take on 4-5 people committed to train together for the next 2 months.

In 8 weeks if you follow this programme you can expect to drop at least a dress size.

If you are up for the challenge and want to accelerate your fat loss, please read on.

I am offering 2 group personal training sessions each week on Monday and Friday at 7:15 – 8:15pm. These times may be adjusted depending on what suits the class best.

To help encourage you further on your weight loss I will also give you a nutrition plan to follow.

From experience I know the more contact I can have with you the better your results.  So I will also organise a closed Facebook group where you can ping me questions and get additional support.

All this for just £80 a month

Send me an email if you would like to reserve your place as spaces are limited.

If weight loss is your goal, what are you prepared to do to make that happen?  Arbitrary thoughts of wanting to lose X number of pounds or be certain clothing size, isn’t going to cut it.

Have you ever wondered why, this seemingly simple task of making better food choices, becomes a mammoth challenge?

People either waste money on:
•    Weight loss supplements – fat burners etc
•    Weight loss, bars and shakes which are often full of strange chemicals
•    Faddy diets – such as; cabbage soup and counting calories, colours, points etc
•    Gym memberships and either not going, or not regularly enough, or only give a half arsed effort there.

Don’t get me wrong all those things could work, but 99% of the time they probably won’t; why?

Do you prefer having pleasure or pain?

You may think what a dumb question. Who in their right mind would want pain? Exactly my point, well, unless you have some kind of quirky fetish that is.

As a human being you are hard-wired to avoid pain (makes sense, you wouldn’t want to keep burning your hand by touching something hot). You are also wired to seek pleasure and conserve energy.

Now you can understand why many diets are so problematic. If you want to lose weight, but think about all the foods you won’t be able to eat about, or having to avoid certain restaurants, turning down chocolates at work, having to prepare food in advance, battling with your cravings etc then all that does is equate to massive PAIN!

Not exactly appealing or motivating…no wonder it doesn’t work! Your brain is wired to avoid pain.

It’s the lure of having pleasure now that destroys weight loss attempts. How many times have you been on ‘a diet’ or ‘being good’ when something has happened at work, or you are stuck in Starbucks confronted with the cake counter, when that tempting thought drops into your mind?

The OMG, that looks so good, the saliva starts to build in your mouth as you eyeball the cake/biscuit/muffin/pizza/chocolate, the feeling of pleasure builds up and the annoyance of having to restrict leads to a “just one last blow out, then I’ll be ready to stick to the diet” or “sod it, I’m miserable dieting”.

Before you know it, you are sitting down with a tempting slice of whatever you choose that’s ‘off diet’ in front of you, at this point you’ve gone too far to turn back,  moneys been spent and you have justified all the reasons why you’re ‘allowed’ to have this treat now.

The instant enjoyment of that ‘treat’  in reality only lasts a few seconds or minutes before the reward quickly gets turned into self loathing and  shame; fuelling the belief that ‘I’m not strong enough, or motivated enough, or there’s something wrong with me’.

None of that is true!

We all crave pleasure, which is why if weight loss is your goal, it has to become pleasurable, right now!

When people talk about their weight loss goals, I hear a lot of, when I get to X pounds then I’ll be happy. Let’s just look at that.  If, for example you have two stone to lose, that could take 14 weeks or so. Which, is not a long time in reality, it only seems a long time if you see pain for 14 weeks. To stick at that would be near on impossible! 14 Weeks of pain, not very compelling is it?

What is the answer?

Feel good right now about losing weight, seems obvious, but you may wonder ‘how am I going to do that?’ especially when diets, restriction, etc equals pain.

This is my take on it, step by step.

1.    Write down your goal. Your goal needs to be pleasurable, such as; having more energy, a toned slim physique, buying cool clothes, feeling more confident, achieving want you want in your life etc. Know why you want this for yourself, get it down in writing and find pictures to illustrate your words. Carry your goal around.  Everyday imagine yourself as your new physique and feel great about it. The more excited you can be about this and imagine it in your mind, the more your unconscious mind will connect to what you want and help you to achieve it.
2.    Work out your strategy:  how much exercise are you going to do – what will you do to make that more pleasurable? For example, I love listening to podcasts when I walk. Not only am I exercising but also getting an additional education at the same time.
3.    What is you nutritional strategy going to be? You can still lose weight and eat amazing foods! If you don’t know how, get in contact.
4.    Have an affirmation that you constantly repeat to yourself, such as every day I am getting healthier and healthier, or slimmer and slimmer.  When you say this to yourself, picture yourself in your mind at your goal weight and feel how that will be, how confident, positive etc. This way you are bringing pleasure into the moment and feeling good right now!
5.    Google some recipe ideas, there are tons out there. Find things you would enjoy making, have fun being a culinary whizz. Doesn’t matter if you currently  are a can’t be bothered to cook type, anyone can learn to make simple food!
6.    Change what you think about yourself, for example if you think of yourself as being fat, then you’ll stay stuck. Remember the Nike advert, with the words “I am an athlete” next to ordinary looking people. Whatever we call ourselves we become, so give yourself a fun title.

Every time you turn away a chocolate bar, or stick to your plan etc, pump yourself up, feel good, because the more pleasure you can feel now the more you will be compelled to lose weight and stick to your goal.

If you feel good every minute, hour, day that goes by that you stay strong that is more empowering, more thrilling, reshapes the way your mind works, changes your life and every single future goal you do…. That’s how to get pleasure losing weight now, even though it may take some time for your body to look physically how you want. And that bit is just the icing on the cake that will come when you’re consistent with seeking pleasure by choosing to be healthy instead taking the quick fix that only brings long-term pain.

If you want a fun way to get fit, join me for some weekly classes going to start on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, email me to find out more.

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This is something I’ve heard all too often over the years…It’s ok if I eat ‘XYZ Rubbish Food’ I’ll burn it off at the gym.  That approach simply doesn’t work. In fact you will be forever chasing your tail with that approach.  Which is why you see so many people at the gym, pounding away doing the same ole cardio week in, week out. Yet, never getting to that body shape they are so desperately trying to achieve.

Aerobics to lose weight….think again

Think about it, if it takes roughly an hour to burn 493 calories in a high impact aerobics class for a 157 pound person (11.07 stone) then that’s a lot of sweat and effort to burn up last night’s dessert. To keep eating the same foods, and then exercising like crazy  to hope to keep off the extra calories, is not an effective strategy, not only is it demoralizing but why go through all that stress?

Eat right and lift weights

Eating the diet we were designed to eat will keep you from feeling hungry, give you more energy and allow you to strip off the fat. We were designed to eat food which can be pulled from the ground, plucked from a tree and also hunted. We were not designed to be eating processed, Frankenstein foods.

Lifting progressively heavier weights will give you an athletic looking physique, when you get your body fat low enough to see the muscle under the fat.

So ladies do not be put off by lifting weights, you won’t suddenly end up with bulging muscles and a square jaw…unless you start taking steroids that is.  Which is how women end up looking like  guys. We produce little testosterone and don’t pack on muscle that way. Training 2-3 hours of weights a week will simply not turn you into a muscle Mary.

Muscle does burn slightly more calories at rest than fat alone.  This is one reason why shifting that fat to muscle balance works in our favour.

Major fat burner

Use interval  training with your weight lifting. It can boost your metabolism for as long as 48 hours after your workout, as opposed to aerobic training which returns to normal almost immediately. If you want to get a taste of what this is, join me for one of my mini classes. Email me for more details

Strength training  places extra demands on your body which is necessary  to develop a toned physique. When you strength train it causes microscopic tears in the muscle, don’t worry that’s what we are trying to achieve! In the recovery time it repairs and builds new stronger muscle, strengthens tendons, ligaments and muscle tissue.  Weight bearing exercise also increases bone density which starts to gradually get lesser as we get older, and for women especially after the menopause, so it is one of our defences against osteoporosis.

The bottom line is to get the right nutrition in place otherwise you may never reap the rewards of your hard work. Train hard, lift weights, get the heart rate up and enjoy the challenge, not only will your body become stronger but your mind will too.

What will give you the motivation to exercise?

I wonder this myself at times when it’s 6.30am and I’m starting my workout.  I really don’t expect my clients to train at this time, unless they really want to : )  For me, the motivation to exercise at that time in the day is because I know how much better I will feel from training. It gives me more energy, focus and determination which sets me up for the day ahead.

Yet what is the bigger factor that gives us the motivation to exercise? It’s all to do with our imagination, which is a far bigger driver to get us to do something than motivation is.

We create pictures in our minds, it could be of
a chocolate sponge cake, the icing on top slightly glistening with that rich dark sheen, the middle filled with a thick chocolate cream oozing out the sides, ok..I’m sure you get what I’m talking about here.  No wait! Before you run down to the supermarket, this is an example of how we can vividly create something in our mind to the point where we just got to have it.

Yet when it comes to exercise we often paint a very different picture, it usually has something to do with feeling uncomfortable, hot, sweaty, breathless, embarrassed and feeling lost on what to do.  At the gym we are at our most vulnerable, in tight fitting clothes, no makeup and hair raked back off the face. For guys, you may feel challenged by some of the male physics parading around the gym floor, you know the guys..pumped up on various supplementation (I won’t go into details…but if you’ve been in a gym ever, you know what I’m talking about here) and it can be quite intimating, especially if your new or just starting out, or want to advance from the machines to the free weight area.

The motivation to exercise begins with knowing what you want and why you want it

When you have a clear goal in your mind of what you want to achieve, by that I mean to picture in your mind your target physique, even if it doesn’t quite make sense in your mind as it’s so different to where you are now. Visualize what you want those areas of your body to look like and make it something that becomes more appealing in your mind than the chocolate cake I described earlier.

Plan your workout and set yourself up to win, that way motivation to exercise will become easier

Next set yourself up to win, decide when you are going to train, lay out your clothes ahead of time, put your favourite music on your I-pod (if music gets you going) and plan what you are going to do for  your workout.  Visualize in your mind, how much more energized you will feel and how proud you will be that you’ve done it. Even if you only workout for 10 minutes, the fact is, you’ve said to yourself you are going to do it and you have. Quite often by just starting you will get motivation to exercise and end up doing more anyway.

Make it fun, enjoyable and rewarding! Talk to me for more information about planning your training sessions.

6 Ways to Get Fit

There are many ways to get fit, I’ve just listed here some basic ways for you.  The other question to ask is, how will you know when you are fit? There needs to be a measure otherwise you could be doing all the ways to get fit and not notice your progress, to know if you are getting fitter or not.

Let’s begin with looking at what basic fitness means

Functional fitness: Being able to perform day to day activities without undue difficulty

Health-related fitness: Being active enough to reduce the risk of developing diseases associated with inactivity such as coronary heart disease and osteoporosis

Or you could want to build up your levels of fitness for a specific event like completing  a marathon

6 Ways to get fit are…

  1. Find an activity that you will enjoy and do it. By an activity it could be anything from going running to Salsa classes. In fact just doing something that will get you moving, above and beyond what you do anyway. This will certainly contribute to one of your ways to get fit. The more fun you have, the more likely you will keep doing it.
  2. Ok, I know I’m going to say this next one as I am a personal trainer, but I’ll say it anyway, get a personal trainer!  A personal trainer will coach you in ways to get fit and be able to support, help and motivate you.  No more deliberating on whether or not you are going to do a work out, all you have to do is turn up and the rest is planned out for you. So you don’t even have to think about what you are going to do. Easy!

    Being fit helps you to feel at your best!

  3. Vary your pace, whether or not you’re walking, running or using some cardio equipment at the gym. Doing the same continuous pace doesn’t challenge your heart, and your body will quickly get used to doing that continuous pace.  To make your cardio really count it needs to challenge you.  Try using different splits, you can do this on any cardio equipment, walking, even trampolining. Go at it hard for 30 seconds or a minute or two, and then have a recovery period until your heart slows enough for you to go again. In that recovery time keep moving, if you were doing a fast walk, slow down the pace, if you were sprinting, slow to a jog or walk.  Just vary the times, it could be 1 min fast, 1 slow and keep doing that for 10 minutes it’s really up to you, again if your new to this, start gradually and build up the intensity over time.
  4. Use a stop watch for one of your ways to get fit. Choose a few different exercises, like squats, press ups, star jumps, squat thrusts and running on the stop, to name a few of the basics. Do each exercise for 30 seconds + with minimal rest in-between. Of course this is very dependent on what your fitness level is to begin with. Start gradually and build your way up.

    Put your trainers on and begin!

  5. Find an event and book it, go on I dare you…have a look online, there’s everything from 5k walks to doing tough guys (an extreme assault course, think army style) By having something to aim for that you’ve committed to doing, will force you to get fit enough to complete the event, and you can raise money for charity at the same time.
  6. Make a list of possible ways to get fit, and think of it in terms of functional activities you will do. That could be anything from gardening, washing the car, walking to the shops etc. At least 5 days a week,  fit in at least half an hour each day to do those activities that get you moving . This doesn’t have to be done in one go, it could be 3 lots of 10 minute activities.

To summarise your best ways to get fit …

Are the ones that you will enjoy, just get moving!