Cravings are really frustrating! I totally understand, I’m a woman with hormones too.  Getting on to the right kind of diet to help eliminate cravings is the first step. The diet I’ve found most beneficial to do this is the Ketogenic Diet. I’ll shamelessly promote my book here and give you the link. 

The ketogenic diet can blunt cravings and keep you from feeling hungry. But what do you do when you’re feeling low? You know those days when the voice in your head is just downright nasty. That Gremlin  which tells you “whats the point of bothering”, ” chocolate will make you feel better”.  We all have one of those pesky critters and you can’t get rid of your gremlin. What we can do is get better at not listening to all of his advice (sorry guys, not wanting to be sexist here, your gremlin may well be female.)

Breaking Patterns

We often end up doing these loops of behaviour such as, feel bad,  imagine getting chocolate to feel better, and go and get chocolate. The more times we do that pattern, the harder it seems to break. What is needed is a wedge in the pattern.

If you find yourself in a similar loop try this next time you are feeling low. Be aware that the craving has entered your mind.  Straight away think Stop, Stop and imagine a big Stop sign. This is your cue to realise that you are needing some comfort.  Remember food can’t actually comfort you, only you can do that.

Take some deep breaths and imagine in your mind how you want to be.  See yourself as slim, in control, happy and enjoying life. Then do something else, go for a walk, make a cup of herbal tea anything but give in to the craving.

This will take practice, and willingness to experiment. It is worth every effort though!