This is something I’ve heard all too often over the years…It’s ok if I eat ‘XYZ Rubbish Food’ I’ll burn it off at the gym.  That approach simply doesn’t work. In fact you will be forever chasing your tail with that approach.  Which is why you see so many people at the gym, pounding away doing the same ole cardio week in, week out. Yet, never getting to that body shape they are so desperately trying to achieve.

Aerobics to lose weight….think again

Think about it, if it takes roughly an hour to burn 493 calories in a high impact aerobics class for a 157 pound person (11.07 stone) then that’s a lot of sweat and effort to burn up last night’s dessert. To keep eating the same foods, and then exercising like crazy  to hope to keep off the extra calories, is not an effective strategy, not only is it demoralizing but why go through all that stress?

Eat right and lift weights

Eating the diet we were designed to eat will keep you from feeling hungry, give you more energy and allow you to strip off the fat. We were designed to eat food which can be pulled from the ground, plucked from a tree and also hunted. We were not designed to be eating processed, Frankenstein foods.

Lifting progressively heavier weights will give you an athletic looking physique, when you get your body fat low enough to see the muscle under the fat.

So ladies do not be put off by lifting weights, you won’t suddenly end up with bulging muscles and a square jaw…unless you start taking steroids that is.  Which is how women end up looking like  guys. We produce little testosterone and don’t pack on muscle that way. Training 2-3 hours of weights a week will simply not turn you into a muscle Mary.

Muscle does burn slightly more calories at rest than fat alone.  This is one reason why shifting that fat to muscle balance works in our favour.

Major fat burner

Use interval  training with your weight lifting. It can boost your metabolism for as long as 48 hours after your workout, as opposed to aerobic training which returns to normal almost immediately. If you want to get a taste of what this is, join me for one of my mini classes. Email me for more details

Strength training  places extra demands on your body which is necessary  to develop a toned physique. When you strength train it causes microscopic tears in the muscle, don’t worry that’s what we are trying to achieve! In the recovery time it repairs and builds new stronger muscle, strengthens tendons, ligaments and muscle tissue.  Weight bearing exercise also increases bone density which starts to gradually get lesser as we get older, and for women especially after the menopause, so it is one of our defences against osteoporosis.

The bottom line is to get the right nutrition in place otherwise you may never reap the rewards of your hard work. Train hard, lift weights, get the heart rate up and enjoy the challenge, not only will your body become stronger but your mind will too.