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Chanice made amazing progress!

” Kali has supported and guided me not just through getting in better shape, but onto what has become a complete transformation in how I look and feel. If it is change you’re after and you are willing put the effort in, there really is nowhere else to go”.

“Kali started by helping me rebuild my muscle after a serious accident, and has since taken me to a better place in terms of tone, diet and overall fitness then I was at before my accident even happened”.

— Chanice

“Kali has a great deal of experience in providing diet and nutrition advice, life coaching, and overall health and fitness training. This combination of skills provides a far higher level of training than I have ever seen before”. 

— Robert Dent (Entrepreneur)

I have trained with Kali over the past two years and found her to be the most committed personal trainer I have ever met.
You and your goals really matter to Kali and she will do everything possible to help you achieve what you want.

A wealth of knowledge, patience and the willingness to persevere makes her the best at what she does. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.

— Jayne (Medical Nurse)

‘I couldn’t recommend Kali highly enough! Initially going to sessions to learn more about the gym and techniques, I came out with a whole new perspective on training and healthy eating. The support from Kali is second to none and has helped me beyond belief, not only my fitness goals but my everyday living! Thank you for your continued support 🙂

— Laura 

I have spent 4 months working with Kali. It is my intention to spend at least as long again. Why?

The first is that she is passionate about what she does – she is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals. It is more than a job for her, it feels like a calling. Through her approach, we agreed my own personal objectives and to my amazement they were met. Delighted with that, there is now more to do! That was all due to her inspiration.

Second, in addition to her knowledge of nutrition and training techniques, her core expertise is in fact that of a counsellor – she understands the psychological challenges people face when trying to change and in her subtle yet powerful way keeps you on track. I had moments when I felt I was not up to it, but in her clever way she kept me going.

Third, she has been down this path herself and has achieved her own (very demanding ) levels of fitness and body tone. She does not expect you to do anything she has not done herself.

My results? I am nearly 60 yet I lost 1.5 stones without effort, regained aerobic fitness, and to my delight a saggy body has started to look toned and muscled. The impact on myself image and confidence is immense. And I want more!

Is this a recommendation ? Without hesitation!

— Luke 2010

“I had always done a lot of exercise but, after a significant anxiety problem, I developed a phobia of exercising. When I saw Kali’s website, I realised she would be an ideal person for me because of the combination of personal training and life coaching. Immediately, Kali made me feel at ease; she is both supportive and motivating and, with her help, I have rediscovered my enthusiasm for exercise!”

— Sarah 2010

“Kali has help me to get my health & fitness up to scratch, with her help and great knowledge, I have lost 3 1/2 stones in weight, yes, 3 1/2 stone, my cholesterol & diabetic levels have greatly improved too! It was one of those most enjoyable experiences that I did not think possible!
If anyone has the problems I had with weight control and fitness, now is the time to contact Kali Harmen, you will not be disappointed!!”

— Alan (CEO) 2010

Sound bites from Clients in Answer to:

What is it about Kali that really stands out to you / why would you recommend her?

“with any personal trainer you need them to understand what you are trying to achieve, what impediments there are and then to encourage and push you, especially having that understanding when there is a real physical impediment that has to be managed, and that is what Kali has done, and it is a long haul probably two years just to get me back to a level of mobility so that I can now focus on getting fit”

“Kali is really lovely; she’s positive, supportive and very knowledgeable. She has helped to change my way of thinking and is always there to ask questions or advice.”

“Difficult to answer as the true answer is EVERYTHING!.. If I try and break it down Kali is true life mentor, she works (relentlessly!) to support and guide you to be the best that you possibly can be and unlocks you from your fears to achieve what you didn’t even realise was possible to achieve. This extends to all aspects of your life not just fitness training, healthy mind = healthy body and vice versa. Kali teaches you how to unlock all aspects of your mind and fitness. Kali is so committed to her work and her clients and is truly spiritual and inspirational about her work and helping you to you achieving your dreams.. kali will never give up, she is constantly studying reflecting how to adjust her sessions to adapt training and mentoring that makes sense for each clients individual needs. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, and I couldn’t articulate words to give justice to how truly different and positive all aspects of your life will be from knowing and working with her”

“Kali is very focused, friendly and knowledgeable takes the time to listen to you and what you need from her, to achieve your goals,”

“Kali is very focused, friendly and knowledgeable takes the time to listen to you and what you need from her, to achieve your goals,”

“Flexibility in days/times to suit clients. Has a wide range of exercises: eg running, glutes, bingo arms, core. Attention to detail & breaking moves down for my sole neurone to finally grasp”

“The continuous support and guidance, very fair and realistic but a motivator as well.”

“Very personalised service, completely tailored to your needs. Also her extensive knowledge of food and nutrition which is far in excess of any other personal trainer I have worked with and which really complements the personal training work.”

“I felt confident in her ability to help me because photos on her website showed her muscles & I wanted to learn start exercising with weights. Then in training I can see that she has great posture & is very knowledgeable”

“Kali was able to motivate me to improve from day one, result ! Kali has many other skills which are complimentary to personal training..”

“Kali has a focus and attention to detail that will get results, and the results you want. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a easy to understand health program that is easy to execute when you are as equally applied to your health as Kali will be.”

“Great personality, Wonderful trainer! Always monitoring and changing the plan to suit needs Constantly checking and following up any questions Very encouraging”

“Analysing fitness level, gentle encouragement to improve”

“She was in Southampton and prices were similar to other PT I was aware of. Also being female it was more motivating. She is quite understanding and very knowledgable and if she does not know it she will go research it to further her knowledge. She also adapts to around any ‘injuries’ you have.”

“Excellent communication skills/ passion for her knowledge and wanting everyone to succeed/very good listener/”

Coaching Testimonials

An “AMAZING” Experience

I worked with Kali Harmen for 8 months on the Neuro Linguistic Programming course and found this experience really helpful within my everyday life. As my title states it was quite simply “An AMAZING Experience”. The confidence and strength I have gained and built up over the past 8 months has astounded not only myself but my family, friends and work colleagues. I have had nothing but positive feedback about how I have changed for the better in every way.

Kali is an excellent practitioner and has helped me identify my saboteurs which I was advised is hard for someone to pick up so quickly, but I managed to achieve this in a short space of time. Saboteurs controlled my life greatly making me paranoid which ultimately made me lack confidence. Since working with Kali, I can really see the difference from the person I was and the person I am today. She has helped me recognise my saboteurs on my own without any encouragement so now I can identify my negative thoughts, how they come about and how to face and overcome them.

The hypnotherapy sessions were really relaxing and I enjoyed these workshops immensely. I was able to look to the future and gain focus on what I really wanted in life and concentrate on what was important. I felt these sessions gave me the guidance I needed to decide what I wanted my long term life to be like and what I am going to work towards. Kali can help you focus on the elements of life you would like to succeed in.

Kali has helped me conquer fears I never dreamed of overcoming. If you are nervous or scared  about something, Kali will use her skills and methods to help you get the ball rolling and in some cases she will urge you to do whatever it is you are scared of there and then to get the fear factor out of the way. I found this very challenging but really effective and I felt so relieved once I had achieved my goals.

All in all I am so thrilled that I was able to participate on the NLP course and work with Kali because I am a changed person thanks to all her hard work. She really has a gift to help people and help change lives for the better. She can help you take control of your thoughts and guide you to the right path of success. Her enthusiasm and energetic spirit helps to make others succeed. The journey was such a great experience and one I will never forget.

— Sophie

During the time Kali has been my coach, I have found that her gentle caring manner and her steadfast belief in my abilities has inspired me to distinguish what is truly real or not and so make real progress in my life.

— Sunita

Kali has been very successfully helping me to recognise and achieve my goals and dreams and to overcome any personal and inherent barriers that are blocking their realisation and success.

Kali has a truly inspirational approach through experience and kindness which encourages the realisation of these goals and dreams into specific actions for achievement.

As a result, I am now able to identify my own outcomes and those issues that are blocking the true vision so that I can achieve.

— Maurice (Author)

Your coaching is amazing and has been a real benefit to me! I cannot thank you enough for your help and understanding. I have not felt this good for a very long time!

— Alan, Essex

During the time Kali has been my coach, I have found that her gentle caring manner and her steadfast belief in my abilities has inspired me to distinguish what is truly real or not and so make real progress in my life.

Thank you, Kali for helping me along my journey.

— Sunny, London

Kali is clearly an excellent coach. She really helped me identify what some of my underlying patterns were, by asking a series of insightful questions, and then helped me turn some of those around. I look forward to my next session with her.

— Steve, London

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