If weight loss is your goal, what are you prepared to do to make that happen?  Arbitrary thoughts of wanting to lose X number of pounds or be certain clothing size, isn’t going to cut it.

Have you ever wondered why, this seemingly simple task of making better food choices, becomes a mammoth challenge?

People either waste money on:
•    Weight loss supplements – fat burners etc
•    Weight loss, bars and shakes which are often full of strange chemicals
•    Faddy diets – such as; cabbage soup and counting calories, colours, points etc
•    Gym memberships and either not going, or not regularly enough, or only give a half arsed effort there.

Don’t get me wrong all those things could work, but 99% of the time they probably won’t; why?

Do you prefer having pleasure or pain?

You may think what a dumb question. Who in their right mind would want pain? Exactly my point, well, unless you have some kind of quirky fetish that is.

As a human being you are hard-wired to avoid pain (makes sense, you wouldn’t want to keep burning your hand by touching something hot). You are also wired to seek pleasure and conserve energy.

Now you can understand why many diets are so problematic. If you want to lose weight, but think about all the foods you won’t be able to eat about, or having to avoid certain restaurants, turning down chocolates at work, having to prepare food in advance, battling with your cravings etc then all that does is equate to massive PAIN!

Not exactly appealing or motivating…no wonder it doesn’t work! Your brain is wired to avoid pain.

It’s the lure of having pleasure now that destroys weight loss attempts. How many times have you been on ‘a diet’ or ‘being good’ when something has happened at work, or you are stuck in Starbucks confronted with the cake counter, when that tempting thought drops into your mind?

The OMG, that looks so good, the saliva starts to build in your mouth as you eyeball the cake/biscuit/muffin/pizza/chocolate, the feeling of pleasure builds up and the annoyance of having to restrict leads to a “just one last blow out, then I’ll be ready to stick to the diet” or “sod it, I’m miserable dieting”.

Before you know it, you are sitting down with a tempting slice of whatever you choose that’s ‘off diet’ in front of you, at this point you’ve gone too far to turn back,  moneys been spent and you have justified all the reasons why you’re ‘allowed’ to have this treat now.

The instant enjoyment of that ‘treat’  in reality only lasts a few seconds or minutes before the reward quickly gets turned into self loathing and  shame; fuelling the belief that ‘I’m not strong enough, or motivated enough, or there’s something wrong with me’.

None of that is true!

We all crave pleasure, which is why if weight loss is your goal, it has to become pleasurable, right now!

When people talk about their weight loss goals, I hear a lot of, when I get to X pounds then I’ll be happy. Let’s just look at that.  If, for example you have two stone to lose, that could take 14 weeks or so. Which, is not a long time in reality, it only seems a long time if you see pain for 14 weeks. To stick at that would be near on impossible! 14 Weeks of pain, not very compelling is it?

What is the answer?

Feel good right now about losing weight, seems obvious, but you may wonder ‘how am I going to do that?’ especially when diets, restriction, etc equals pain.

This is my take on it, step by step.

1.    Write down your goal. Your goal needs to be pleasurable, such as; having more energy, a toned slim physique, buying cool clothes, feeling more confident, achieving want you want in your life etc. Know why you want this for yourself, get it down in writing and find pictures to illustrate your words. Carry your goal around.  Everyday imagine yourself as your new physique and feel great about it. The more excited you can be about this and imagine it in your mind, the more your unconscious mind will connect to what you want and help you to achieve it.
2.    Work out your strategy:  how much exercise are you going to do – what will you do to make that more pleasurable? For example, I love listening to podcasts when I walk. Not only am I exercising but also getting an additional education at the same time.
3.    What is you nutritional strategy going to be? You can still lose weight and eat amazing foods! If you don’t know how, get in contact.
4.    Have an affirmation that you constantly repeat to yourself, such as every day I am getting healthier and healthier, or slimmer and slimmer.  When you say this to yourself, picture yourself in your mind at your goal weight and feel how that will be, how confident, positive etc. This way you are bringing pleasure into the moment and feeling good right now!
5.    Google some recipe ideas, there are tons out there. Find things you would enjoy making, have fun being a culinary whizz. Doesn’t matter if you currently  are a can’t be bothered to cook type, anyone can learn to make simple food!
6.    Change what you think about yourself, for example if you think of yourself as being fat, then you’ll stay stuck. Remember the Nike advert, with the words “I am an athlete” next to ordinary looking people. Whatever we call ourselves we become, so give yourself a fun title.

Every time you turn away a chocolate bar, or stick to your plan etc, pump yourself up, feel good, because the more pleasure you can feel now the more you will be compelled to lose weight and stick to your goal.

If you feel good every minute, hour, day that goes by that you stay strong that is more empowering, more thrilling, reshapes the way your mind works, changes your life and every single future goal you do…. That’s how to get pleasure losing weight now, even though it may take some time for your body to look physically how you want. And that bit is just the icing on the cake that will come when you’re consistent with seeking pleasure by choosing to be healthy instead taking the quick fix that only brings long-term pain.

If you want a fun way to get fit, join me for some weekly classes going to start on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, email me to find out more.

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