Personal Trainer & Private Gym Studio Southampton Hampshire

Free Consultation

The initial consultation is free. We will either meet in person or arrange a Skype/phone appointment time.

During the consultation we will discuss and clarify your goals, current lifestyle habits and any obstacles that may need to be overcome.

We can then decide on our compatibility to work together to achieving your goals and what is required for you to reach them.

If you would like to go ahead with personal training I will ask you to complete a 3 day food diary. The can be done on paper or using an app such as My Fitness Pal where you can record your food or by sending me a photo diary on WhatsApp.

Gym Assessment

The next part of the process is the gym assessment which can last up to 1.5hrs and is £60. (This can be wavered, see prices below)

This is where I will investigate to see how your body moves; find out what muscles are short, stiff or inhibited that may prevent you from getting the most out of training. The information gained from the assessment and food diary will be developed into a plan. On our next session we will discuss the findings and your individualised action plan will be explained.

Weekly Training Sessions (to find out more how the training sessions develop click here to read more)

Building a foundation

We will start your training by making sure we build on a solid foundation. Once you have developed certain movement patterns, greater mobility and gained some strength we will move on to a more intermediate phase.

Intermediate Phase

Here you will progress and develop higher fitness levels, more endurance and greater strength. You will start feeling superior confidence in your abilities and find you are living your every-day-life with more ease.

Maintenance Phase

Here we may re-evaluate your goals. You may wish to proceed to higher levels of strength and fitness or wish to maintain what you have built.

How long each phase takes is dependant on how many hours you can dedicate to training a week and your present skill/injury level.

Prices for Personal Training

My sessions are £45 each plus the initial assessment is £60….but here’s how you can get discounts:

The more sessions you choose the greater the savings!

You have four options;

  • Basic Package – pay as you go =£45 per session
  • Intermediate Package – pay for 12 Personal Training Sessions upfront = £420
  • Premium Package – pay for 24 Personal Training Sessions upfront =£720 + you get the assessment for free.
  • Platinum – bolt on to any package ** The Platinum Bolt On is for you if you feel like you need lots of help in your weight loss goals. Here you can invest an additional £85 a month by direct debit alongside your chosen personal training package to receive a more comprehensive service.

Please email me if you would like to set up this option.