In contrast to my other post discussing ‘sometimes you got to push yourself’ this ones about knowing when to take your foot off the accelerator. We can lead such busy, frantic lives and if not careful can race headlong into a state of fatigue or worse, burn-out.

It’s really about knowing yourself well enough to notice the tell-tell signs of that slippery slope. Those signs could be, excessive caffeine consumption, eating excess carbs/chocolate, getting cranky and irritable, tired but wired at night, intense cravings for food, elevated heart rate and feelings of overwhelm or not being able to cope.

Ideally you would observe the beginning of those signs and start managing yourself straight away, this takes some practice to do. If you realise you’re heading towards a crash, then be kind to yourself, make you a priority and spend time in a recovery phase.
A recovery phase could simply be, plotting up on the sofa with some good films or book and putting everything else on hold for a least a couple of days or so. Often, we can feel guilty for having a break, especially when there is so much to do. However, it is far safer to take a little time out then to risk the consequences of trying to recuperate from burn-out.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need a break or if you do in fact need to push yourself into action, ask your inner coach. Sit down and be really quiet, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself “what do I really need right now?” Putting your hand on your heart may sound a bit airy fairy to some but,  it is a way to quickly connect with ourselves and our inner wisdom. Something I learnt from attending Tony Robins events, and it works!