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Master Your Weight Loss for Sustainable Results

The standard information of ‘eat less and exercise more’ simply doesn’t work on a long term basis. In fact this information may cause you to spend years getting totally frustrated and achieving little. Weight might drop down initially but then plateau or start to creep back up again, even though you are eating less food than before.

There is a good reason for this. If you restrict calories and exercise more, your body will simply lower your metabolic rate to compensate. Your body doesn’t understand that you want to be slim; it’s just primed to get through periods of famine. For a while your willpower might be strong but in the end your physiology will win the battle.

This is not your fault, it is not because you are weak willed!

The approach I offer is different. The aim is to balance your hormones (namely insulin and cortisol) so you can achieve weight loss with more ease.

A successful weight loss programme needs to be:

  • Sustainable – this is not a quick fix but something you can maintain for the rest of your life
  • Realistic – the plan needs to be workable so you can still eat out and have a social life
  • Healthy – many diets are incredibly unhealthy, leading to nutrient depletions, compromised liver detoxification and negatively impact other bodily systems
  • Balancing your hormones so you are not fighting your physiology which drives you to overeat certain foods
  • An effective nutrition plan using real foods – not a plan reliant on shakes, weight loss products and/or having to count calories or points
  • Addressing lifestyle habits that are causing weight gain – weekly binge drinking, take-away meals, lack of sleep etc will stall weight loss efforts
  • Managing stress levels – stress has a detrimental effect on your hormones which may increase the desire to comfort eat
  • Ideally have an exercise component – the right type of movement has to be carefully selected to be appropriate for you and your ability

The Master Your Weight Programme covers all these bases and more.

Mastering your weight loss can transform the way you feel about yourself.

  • You will learn skills you can use throughout the whole of your life
  • Develop greater confidence and self esteem
  • Have a better relationship with food and develop lifelong habits
  • Become healthier, leaner and stronger
  • Be proud of yourself and what you can accomplish

Losing weight is an exciting journey! The exhilaration builds when you start seeing results which is a huge boost to self esteem. People can’t fail to notice as you become slimmer, look more radiant and have more zest for life. The compliments will be encouragement enough, but what it does to your self-esteem and confidence is nothing short of transformational.

How does this programme work?

As soon as you decide to Master your Weight, get in touch with me (email, click through here). An appointment time will be arranged and I will send out a preliminary questionnaire for you to complete before we meet.

The initial consultation is the longest at 1:5 hours. Here we discuss your questionnaire and I can get a better understanding of your health and lifestyle. I will explain to you in this consultation what’s preventing you from losing weight and what we will do to rectify this.

You may be surprised with the explanations I give you, as you gain a better understanding of your body’s metabolism.

After the consultation you will be sent through information containing the Master your Weight Nutrition Plan and Guidance Package.
If however, you have a more complex health history and/or have medical reasons that are preventing weight loss, i.e. an under active thyroid then I will need to see you as a nutritional therapist (click through to page) and not a weight loss coach.

The coaching will be on-going where we will meet every three weeks for a period of time. The time between sessions will be further spread out as you progress and gain confidence in what you are doing.

Why choose me as your weight loss coach?

I’ve helped many people, just like you, to lose weight. Here are some testimonials from just a few of these people:

“Kali has helped me to get my health and fitness up to scratch, with her help and great knowledge I have lost 3 ½ stone, and my cholesterol & diabetic levels have greatly improved too!” Alan Osborn CEO of Two services

“In 5 weeks I have already lost a stone in weight, and have more energy and feel better about myself then I have done in years.” Karen Hill

” Kali has supported and guided me not just through getting in better shape, but onto what has become a complete transformation in how I look and feel. If it is change your after and you are willing put the effort in, there really is no-where else to go”. Robert Dent (Entrepreneur) Southampton

“I really can’t believe how easy it’s been to lose weight; I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. Having a professional like Kali, who genuinely cares and wants you to succeed, is enough to will you on in the right direction.” Amy Nightingale

“I am stronger, slimmer and fitter and at the age of 67 I am young in heart and healthier than I have ever been. Maurice Howell author of ‘Project Management on Track’

I’ve over 6 years experience working successfully with clients to lose weight. My qualifications as a professional life coach, personal trainer and a registered Nutritional Therapist provide me with a multi-angled approach and knowledge base.

My personal journey of overcoming battles with weight loss, food and other addictions aids my breadth of experience.

I believe weight loss is far more than just losing pounds; you can quite literally transform the way you live. What you may have thought of as your greatest challenge becomes your greatest gift as mastery in this area affects everything else you do in your life.

Weight Loss Pricing

Weight Loss Coaching Price – £65 per session

The coaching will be ongoing, meeting every 3 weeks initially until you make progress and gain confidence with how to do the programme.

To arrange your weight loss coaching

Text ‘Weight Loss Coaching’ to 07841 164 101 for a call back or click here to email and arrange your initial consultation.

Ideally the first appointment would be in person but if you live at a distance or this is not possible then we can organise a phone/Skype consultation.